Best modular switches in india

Modular Switch to the Right Switch

As a rule, an electric modular switch works to begin or terminate electrical current. A light fixture, ceiling fan, or any other electrical device, enabling the device to turn on or off. However, in our daily lives, we hardly even notice this otherwise useful component of our home’s electrical fitting. Electric switches not only enable prompt lighting but also add to the aesthetics of our home. The days when people used to rely on electricians to carry out the task of buying best modular switches. Here some tips that you should consider before buying electrical switches.

Best modular switches in india

At the outset, you should decide on what type of switches you’d prefer – conventional or modular. Since the age-old conventional switches rarely seen these days, you should consider the newest modular switches which are better for many reasons. Litaski offers an extensive range of  best modular switches in india that are carefully crafted using high-quality material, with the best safety features.


Before buying modular switches, you must take into consideration the kind of material that has been used in their construction. Electrical switches made out of high-quality, flame retardant polycarbonate material (a type of thermoplastic polymer) are the best. Such switches UV stabilized, which ensures no loss of colour during their lifespan.


Electrical switches, that you install, must have all the safety features for the security of your home and loved ones. Among the safety requirements, the first is, switches must make from fire retardant material. And the sockets must shutter so as to avoid any accidental contact with any live electrical parts. Moreover, the switches should have spark shield inside them in order to hide sparking, and avoiding any damage or short circuit due to current leakage. All the switches and sockets should be ISI marked and build in terms with the international safety standards.


 Modular switches with dust-shield are definitely better. Not only it keeps you away from the task of wiping switches on a regular basis, but also helps the switches maintain their new look for years.


While you shop for modular switches, look for their insulation resistance. Ideally, the insulation resistance of modular switches should be more than 2000 mega ohms to make them shockproof.


Considering the amount of money you put in constructing your dream homes, you should definitely consider the aesthetics before purchasing switches. Electrical switches, nowadays, are available in many textures, finishes, colours, designs and combinations. So, you can choose the ones which are aesthetically pleasing to blend well with the modern interiors of your space.


Make sure that the modular switches you choose, must be noise-free and soft-to-operate. The switches that have been ergonomically designed are the best as they don’t make noise, or require much effort to turn on or off.

Long Lifespan

Modular switches, typically, have a longer lifespan than conventional switches or semi-modular switches. Modular switches by Litaski have been tested for more than 1,00,000 operations to ensure their endurance for the lifetime.


The option of replacement guarantee may come as an extra advantage. Seeing the competition in the switch market, companies offer a particular period of replacement guarantee on their switches. In such a case, you may opt of the one which offers the maximum period of guarantee, but this should be the last criteria as compared to others while buying switches.

Switches actually play an important role in safety, utility and of course, aesthetics of any given place. So, use these great tips to buy perfect switches that meet the electrical requirements, and harmonize well with the interiors of your space!

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