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Hotel & Hospitality Range

‘Atithi Devo Bhavan’, Meaaning ‘The Guest in an incarnation of God’, this is one of the founding tenets of Indians culture. So it comes as no surprise that India is the cradle of a booming hospitality industry. Equally unsurprising is that mint is ready for this opportunity with a range of electrical products created specifically to grace the hotels that will welcome global travelers to India. From LED-based, energy saver foot lamps to motion sensors and compact speakers, from key tags and entertainment jacks to a range of instruction switches, Mint offers everything you need to make your hotel most hospitality.

Hotel & Hospitality Range

555 001

Do Not Disturb & Clean My Room Indicator With Bell Push

555 007

DVD/Home Theater Jacks

555 004

25A D.P. Main Switch With Key Tag & 2M Plate

555 005

25A Time Delay D.P. Electronic Switch Operating With Card & 3M Plate

555 009

Volume Controller – 2M

555 006

Key Tag Only

555 002

Internal Control Unit For Do Not Disturb & Clean My Room

555 010

Compact Speaker – 2M

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