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Mint also offers a wide range of sockets (6A URO 2 Pin, 6A Uni D and 6A Multi-socket for Mobiles, or 2 Pin +3Pin) and power sockets (16A & 6A Uni, 25A & 6AUni, 13A Flat Pin English and 13A & 6A Uni)


In both sockets and power sockets, all current carrying terminals are housed in a polycarbonate housing. They have brass terminal with proper shrouding as well as shutters to prevent accidental contact with live terminals… The spring loaded contacts grip plug top pins tightly ensuring uniform and firm contacts, while thicker gauge metal contacts ensure better conductivity.


Mint switches and sockets have been designed keeping safety as the prime objective. The rear terminals are designed to be finger-proof in normal usage/wring. The switches & sockets are completely shrouded and meet the required degree of production – IP20(Ingress Protection). This provides protection against your finger touching a current carrying part.



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6A URO 2 Pin Socket

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6A UNI D Socket

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6A Multi Socket(For Charger)

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