About ARC

Potent, powerful, awesome, yet simple. Cultivate the power of plain elegance on to your walls., the Arc range is the perfect selection for homes and offices. A simplistic built and posh design make the switches worth the contemporary walls, born out of modern architecture.


Viva range comes from manufacturer of switches & accessories with time experience and maturity of manufacturing quality products over 20 years.
It is our commitment towards new design of modern age for safety, resistance, durability & economy.

About Deco

Unbreakable plug top, Attractive transparent poly carbonate base, user friendly assembly, easy to handle and more durable. Elegant 3D porfile.


Welcome To Litaski

From the very first time you experience Mint, you will get a taste of something that is familiar, yet brand new. Yes, this is a range of switches and other electrical accessories.


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Mint also offers a wide range of sockets (6A URO 2 Pin, 6A Uni D and 6A Multi-socket for Mobiles, or 2 Pin + 3 Pin) and power sockets (16A & 6A Uni, 25A & 6A Uni, 13A Flat Pin English and 13A & 6A Uni)


Best Place For Switches

Mint symbolizes the trust and reliability which the modern age is continuously searching for in its products. we offer a wide array of products that provide peace of mind and become an integral part of life